Sunday, December 09, 2007

The second semester

Sunday 9 December 2007

The second semester result was announced last Friday night. Syukur just got through even though it is not as good as last semester but still I got an A+ for my Tax Fraud and Investigation paper with all the tonnes of office works and assignments.

The contractor currently doing some hacking work at the master bed room's shower due to leakage....hilang lagi RM....after my down stair neighbour being complaining about the leakage few months ago but only now manage to repair it due to time constraints. It will take at least 5 days for me to use back the shower...

For the past few days taking my own sweet time at the office, I always clock-in at 9.30 or 10am and sharp 5.30pm make a move. Why? just completed all 2007 works and no new job coming it..Apparently the are two more jobs which were reassigned to me but I managed to persuade my team leader to start in 2008...yes...


Thursday, November 15, 2007

What a happy moment

Thursday 15 November 2007
Currently in view of almost completed assignment in office (i.e the stupid people with stupid company), I come almost 1 hour late to the office every morning for the past few days and go back as 5.30pm. Lunch hour will be from 12.30pm till 2.30pm. Wow...ini perangai balas dendam due to months I never have enough break with tonnes of work!
Like today, went out to Pavillion and had this nice pan mee at the food court...all by myself and again promised a friend of mine to meet him at the Pavillion at 6.00pm...What a good life I am currently enjoyed....hoping it will last till the end of the year 2007.......
By the way, I managed to persuade a friend of mine yesterday to invest in one of my new thing which I hope soon I can be my own boss and at the same time contribute the good life to my friends...alhamdullilah...


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It is about time

Wednesday 14 November 2007

Suddenly feeling shocked looking at my last update in this blog...Wow...what a record! But that is to translate into a situation where I am extraordinary busy all this while. I just completed an 80% assignment on the stupid company plus with stupid people with stupid and arrogant I am dealing with.....and at the end...what did I get? feeling angry, frustration, increased in my BP, lonely, tired, lonely and being part of the arrogant human being...

I have no idea what really happened past few months...the fasting month of Ramadhan just passed with only fasting without any single day doing my tarawikh....where almost the days I went back after 10pm or 12 midnight. Weekend busy with classes and assignments. The celebration of Syawal is nothing and worst...not even go back to Penang (but at least my mum and two brothers came and joined me in Shah Alam).

When thing got worst....I almost hit the Pencala Link's wall two weeks ago due to stress workload given by my supervisor who can't appreciate what I am currently contribute and managed. Thank god I managed the situation in a rough situation where she received my so call "shouting" and the next two days I was on medical leave due to all the stress working situation.

Last two days received a call from a person in relation to the exercise, shouting on the phone at me and I just keep myself calm in the first place but due to his arrogant and keep shouting at me, I stand firm and said I put down the phone if he can't control his attitude...What a waste!!!

Only after few months I managed to do my personal things and keep myself update on certain issues i.e my class, my interest, Olen and Nana...what else...that about all...hehhe and I have make a decision to quit this job in coming months....while I was typing this...received a call for an interview where I just forward my cv last two hours ago.....


Monday, June 11, 2007

Feeling unsecured

Monday 11 June 2007
Past few days are not easy for me. After the handphone incident, I becoming like stranger to anyone inside the monorel. I have no other alternative due to the attitude of "not driving to town especially to the Golden Triangle".
Forget about the incident...more jobs are coming and I am thinking whether the next semester will be the same as the former one. Class as usual will be only on Saturday and Sunday and I am in a better position that I have a laptop now and the internet connection at home compare with the past few years without it even a pc and internet...just wanna to be different. But after a while, I can't stand anymore. Why? cause more works that need me to update my knowledge and the assignments need to be completed within dateline. What I did last time, after office I will use the pc and complete those things and at the end I managed it.
And now with the old phone (yang boleh buatkan anjing ketawa terguling2 atas jalanraya melihat handphone aku ini), makes me thinking do I really need a phone...a proper phone...Husni, Aiz, Zaza...pls decide for me....
Apala yang aku merepek ni...
I thought of taking one day off this Friday to do my registration...but looking at 4 jobs now...should I just ignore that??...nak


Friday, June 01, 2007

Alhamdullilah...segala ujian

Friday, 1 June 2007
Syukur kehadratNYA dengan rezeki dan kurnia yang diberikan kepada hambaNYA. Ujian yang diberi juga supaya hambaNYA ini lebih cekal dan menerimanya dengan hati terbuka.
My statement above related to the incident last Monday and the news I received yesterday. At first I was very upset with myself, with people in the monorail and can't even have a proper sleep due to the horrible thing. I was blaming myself for not being careful with my belonging i.e my hand phone. But nevertheless, this incident teach me to be a better person and need be be courteous to the surrounding and it is a test from Yang Esa.
My semester class will resume beginning July and me and the rest of the class are beginning to query about our result. Tried with different avenues to get the result cause the official one will only be posted and published sometime mid-June. I tried to e-mail, calls the lectures, the faculty's people but no one wanted to reveal the result and at the end feeling exhausted. And at the end, my classmate called be late afternoon to inform an excellent news...both of us doing very well and both of us are in the dean's list....I can't believe it myself...
Both incidents show how great life if...ujian, rezeki, terima aje dan berusaha....Syukur....


Monday, May 28, 2007

The Lost

Monday 28 May 2007.
As usual today I woke up with fresh mind and wanted to start a new week with colourful days ahead. Start the journey at 6.45 and dropped at the bank to pay my car installment. Had my breakfast at Jaring, and drove to KLSentral and took the monorel at TSStation. I didn't put the earphone cause it is almost 8.15am and don't want to be late for work. As usual, the monorel was packed with people and need to squeeze inside. Out of sudden, I feel someone was trying putting his/her hand inside my pocket. But I was not really seriously think people beside me to do that kind of thing, I just ignored that. Apparently, the what the culprit did and I know the culprit is a guy...he took my handphone and at the Time Square Station when he disembarked from the train, I realised that my phone was missing. A person inside the train tried to call my number and it was switched off and that it...end of the story.
Once I reached the office, I called the service provider and what was told by them, the server was down and they will only can block the line after two hours...two hours...I said this is not an answer I expected from them and my line was cut-off. I managed to call the service provider subsequently and it was told the line will be blocked immediately...without verifying my phone number and my postal address. I don't really trust them...and called my own number...and believe me it is still working and I immediately asked them to block it and the officer who picked up the phone asked me to verify certain information and I did ask to the officer why the provider takes thing for granted and he asked me to make the official complaint on the incident. I shall do that tomorrow.
I also called the manufacture's call centre and requested them to disable my phone totally just to teach them a lesson. I was told to get the serial number. I shall go back and get them the number and that it...
Can even have my lunch with the things happened. At start of a day with a bang!!! or bengong...
Lesson learned: Always put your ear phone to avoid losing your phone....


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Terlalu lama ditinggalkan

24 May 2007
I am currently on two months break from class after struggling for four months without weekend with one to another for the time being. Almost every Sunday after class, feeling exausted at the end of the weekend and surprising I managed most of the classes, tests, assignments and final exam with stars (hopefully the final exam result will give the same hehhehe...)
At the beginning of the break, most of the time, I wake up a bit late and lazying on the bed reading the story books. I notice lately I am a bit lack of my reading (keerr...memang selama ni aku memang slow!!!). Now, It is almost a month of my break and the heat of going back for class suddenly come across. I am suppose to pre-register by meeting with the coordinator later this month and another few thousand ringgit will eventually invested as the fees. With big assignments in the office where sometimes I go back late, I am wondering whether I can manage the class and my works for the coming next semester...Inyallah god willing.
Back to daily routine, last week without having much to do on Saturday nite, I was invited by the beloved friend, Faiz and Muntaz for final AF concert at their place. AF was actually not my cup of tea for the past few years. BUT suddenly, the interest came once I watched Mila's performance the second last concert at my sister house....The food was good...Faiz's tempe berempah with Naz&Rai's penggat jagung etc...until I almost fall sleep when driving back home that nite. Thank you guys for the lovely invitation. I know Zul can't make it for the nite due some "sentap" incident...but as what I was told by faiz this morning on the phone..."sentapan" or the drama can't challenge Ross and Naz "The Hanging Nasi Lemak at the Door"...hahahha...
Mak nampak sihat lately, I feel a bit guilty cause from the day of Aidil Adha until now I cannot go back to Penang. I wanted to take a few days off just to go back but due to the work commitments, it is just can't happen. May be I think by end of June before the class start, I will be able to meet, cium dia and peluk dia...heheh